“Harley Quinn” Season Two Trailer, Images, Upcoming Episode Details

DC Universe and Warner Bros. Animation has released details for the second season of the Harley Quinn animated series, along with a trailer and a gallery of images. The trailer offers a first look at DC Comics characters Catwoman (voiced by Sanaa Lathan) and Mr. Freeze (voiced by Alfred Molina). The second season of the mature animated series from Warner Bros. Animation, which releases new episodes every Friday, debuts April 3, 2020 on the DC Universe streaming service. Continue below for the trailer, followed by additional details and a selection of images.

DC Universe and Warner Bros. Animation describe the upcoming season of Harley Quinn as follows:

Harley Quinn has taken down the Joker and Gotham City is finally hers for the taking…whatever’s left of it that is. Gotham has become a desolate wasteland, left in ruins, following the huge earthquake caused by the collapse of Joker’s tower. Harley’s celebration in this newly created chaos is cut short when Penguin, Bane, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler and Two Face join forces to restore order in the criminal underworld. Calling themselves the Injustice League, this group now stands in the way of Harley and her crew from taking sole control of Gotham as the top villains of the city.

A description of the first episode of the season, “New Gotham,” is available below, along with details on subsequent Harley Quinn season two episodes. A gallery of images follow.

Harley Quinn “New Gotham”
Debuts April 3, 2020
It’s the new Injustice League vs. Harley in season two.

Harley Quinn “Riddle U”
Debuts April 10, 2020
Harley & Ivy go undercover as college students.

Harley Quinn “Trapped”
Debuts April 17, 2020
Harley & Ivy team up with Catwoman to steal an artifact.

The second season of Harley Quinn debuts April 3, 2020 on the DC Universe streaming service, with new episodes to drop every subsequent week on Friday. For more, click here to check out The World’s Finest review of Harley Quinn‘s first season. Stay tuned for select Harley Quinn coverage right here at The World’s Finest. Discuss this news at the link below.

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