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The World's Finest Presents

Season 1
For the Man Who Has Everything
Hawk and Dove
Fearful Symmetry
Kid Stuff
This Little Piggy
The Return
The Greatest Story Never Told
Dark Heart
Wake the Dead
The Once and Future Thing, Part 1
The Once and Future Thing, Part 2
Season 2
The Cat and the Canary
The Ties That Bind
Doomsday Sanction
Task Force X
The Balance
Double Date
Hunter's Moon
Question Authority
Panic in the Sky
Divided We Fall
Season 3
I Am Legion
Shadow of the Hawk
Chaos at Earth's Core
To Another Shore
Flash and Substance
Dead Reckoning
Patriot Act
The Great Brain Robbery
Grudge Match
Far From Home
Ancient History
Alive! (Part 1)
Destroyer (Part 2)

The Call (Part 1)
The Call (Part 2)

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five

(not in continuity)

Justice League: Gods and Monsters

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