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Batman: The Animated Series – Bios – Zatanna

Bios – Zatanna

Voiced By: Julie Brown
First Appearance: “Zatanna”
Position: Magician
Bio: Zatanna is the daughter of Zatara, an excellent magician who taught Bruce Wayne everything he knows about escape artistry and “magic”. Zatara was a world renowned magician, and was considered quite possibly the best. He tutored Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent in the arts of magic. He also passed on his teachings to his only child, a daughter named Zatanna. Zatanna gained her talent from her father, and is also an excellent magician and had a romantic relationship with Bruce, while never knowing his real name. Zatanna always had close ties with Bruce Wayne, although Bruce Wayne was cautious of this relationship by never giving her his real name, but the name “John Smith” instead. It isn’t known if she knows who the real “John Smith”, but she will never forget the intense relationship they had togethor. She continues to perform magic throw out the world, thrilling audiences everywhere.

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