The World’s Finest Reviews The “DC Universe: 10th Anniversary Collection” Blu-ray Box Set

The World’s Finest has published its review of the DC Universe 10th Anniversary Collection Blu-ray box set (aka DC Universe Original Movies: 10th Anniversary Collection), which is now available to own now on Digital and Blu-ray. In short, for fans looking to own the entire line in one gorgeous package – either for the first time or to get the complete set – or completists and collectors looking to add to their personal library, the DC Universe: 10th Anniversary Collection is a fine addition to anyone’s collection. For the entire review, which includes a detailed breakdown of the exclusive bonus content and package quality, click on the image below.

The World's Finest reviews DC Universe: 10th Anniversary Collection

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DC Universe: 10th Anniversary Collection is currently available to own on Digital HD and Blu-ray via digital and retail outlets. To note, there is exclusive content available only on the Blu-ray edition of this title. Stay tuned for further reviews and updates in the weeks to come right here at The World’s Finest.

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